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Home Additions

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Sometimes we are in the perfect place in the perfect town, but we just don't quite have the perfect house for our needs. If you’re looking for home additions or upgrades, SRC Pro Builders in Worcester County will work with you to best understand your needs, budgets, and how to make your house work as your home.

Learn more about some of the home additions you could benefit from — and add more space to your Worcester County home when you work with SRC Pro Builders today!

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home

If you’re not ready to move or have run out of space in your home, a home addition might be a better option than buying a different home. Home additions can make certain spaces in your home more practical or upgrade an outdated or dull part of your home.

In fact, when your home is done, it will feel like a new, beautiful home.

Benefits of Additions to Your Home

Instead of moving to a bigger home, can you add an extension to your home to give you the space you need?

Over time, even your dream home can start to outgrow you and your family. But, instead of packing up and moving, work with our team of professionals at SRC Pro Builders. Add a sunroom or enough bedroom for the entire family. With over 20 years of experience, our team can help you create a plan for the perfect extension!

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There are different types of home additions and extensions, including:

  • In-law additions

  • Second story extension

  • Addition of a family room

  • Extension of your kitchen

  • Bedroom additions

  • Finishing your basements

Learn More from SRC Pro Builders

If you’re ready to start a home addition, upgrade, or remodel, then start with the SRC Pro Builders team in Worcester County. We can talk through your project with you and help make those dreams a reality!


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Pair Your Home Addition With a Remodel

In addition to providing you with functional space, remodels and other home upgrades can help increase the current value of your home.

While you’re revamping your house with our hard-working team, don’t just stop with an addition. SRC Pro Builders can help with everything from home additions to remodels and upgrades. If you’re designing the perfect layout for your home, give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover as well! When we’re done, you’ll be left with a modern home.

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